segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

Because of this blog...

Because of this blog, asked that:
I think there are many designers in the world of digital scrapbook, and you mentioned very few designers...Why?
I think there are many designers that I really do not know and would love to know many talented and I know who are so dissatisfied with our situation in this market.
I named designer who has style, which works by creating from scratch or by drawing on pictures to do the job and even those who paint with finger on photo(to even get a good result it is necessary to know what you do) and being done well, for me are the designers. (Called American Retouch here in my country). Those who ask you to draw a balloon, a pestle, a fountain, a chair ... they have training, courses in drawing and painting or only talent do it with style. That to me is true designer. Who know the secrets of shadow and light, which has dash and resourcefulness to create what it intends to create. Who is not afraid to trade their work for big companies, because they know that copyright is theirs and nobody else. For me it does not matter whether or not I like the style, interests that differ by merit and that is what I want to show here.

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