terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Because I created this blog.

For several reasons:
We spend more time to make our kits.
People do not realize the difference between a kit for a designer to design "and a" Project Designer "
Price competition is the same.
Many of us survive this work without anyone's help to keep their homes, their children and not just a hobby, a way to earn a few bucks more, is a way of life, a profession.
People like us suffer more from chronic tendonitis.
Our credits do not appear, they say that a lot of work to put them.
So many of us, to gain time in the form of each kit, we started using extractions and other elements from other designers and retailers extrations.
For this problem and allow the pride of design to the Scrap World has decided to launch a window to the knowledge of "details", and proudly bring the best of designers, in my opinion, that make a difference, who really put their soul each job done. I wish each of you to promote this blog. I think a "window" of recognition should be cast into the sea called "Scrap Land", which grows every month, despite the crisis that we live in all corners of the world. I am not criticizing this or that method of making a kit to sell, because I know that the public really knows what looks good, beautiful, smooth and ready. I'm just defending a precious space of talented people, often with their own style that does not appear as they should. So open that window to the world, really think we have that right, at least.

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